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In Encino, An Exciting New Way of Treating Sleep Apnea and Loud Snoring - With an innovative New Nightguard that just might save your life!

• Do you snore so loudly to make your significant other run from the bedroom?
• Have you ever gasped for air while sleeping?
• Do you hate your CPAP Oxygen machine?
• Wondering if you have sleep apnea (lack of breathing when sleeping)?

We can truly help you!  Call Dr. Ed Reifman's Encino Sleep office at 818.990.6659 for the most innovative patient-friendly options and new treatments for snoring and sleep apnea.

Dr. Ed Reifman treats Obstructive Sleep Disorders such as sleep apnea, lack of sleep, and loud snoring and gives alternatives to the uncomfortable CPAP machine.

Loud snoring or sleep apnea could be shortening your life span by up to 10 years! In fact, loud snoring could be indicative of insomnia or sleep apnea, which can produce a stroke or heart attack in your sleep.  Don't ignore It!

This new nightguard can save your life.

70% of those who snore loudly and have sleep apnea die in their sleep. Don't be one of them.

Get rid of loud snoring or sleep apnea TODAY. If not, your chance of dying in your sleep from a stroke or a heart attack skyrockets!

Don’t you (or your significant other) deserve a healthy and quiet good night's sleep?

Dr. Reifman can STOP both snoring and most sleep apnea in their tracks with a new treatment - the very comfortable Somnodent sleep appliance. In most cases, you can get rid of the bulky CPAP mask to boot! Unlike appliances sold on TV, the Somnodent is FDA approved because it works over the long haul and doesn’t break down.

“It’s so easy to wear at night, and my snoring - it's gone!”  Heather R. – Los Angeles

The results are in… you simply cannot afford to wait any longer to treat your insomnia, sleep apnea, or loud snoring. Did you know that loud snoring can shorten your life span by up to 10 years? In fact, loud snoring could be indicative of sleep apnea, which can cause a stroke or heart attack in your sleep. 70% of those who snore loudly and have sleep apnea die in their sleep. Don’t be one of them!

Get rid of loud snoring or sleep apnea TODAY. If not, your chance of dying in your sleep from a stroke or a heart attack skyrockets.

Say Goodbye to Snoring!

Did you know?… One out of three couples sleep in separate rooms because of snoring! Even worse, 90 million people in the country snore or have sleep apnea and often don’t even know it. And for those millions of people who feel that treating sleep apnea and snoring must be done with a nightly CPAP oxygen mask, this is a real breakthrough in comfort AND compliance.

Snoring can be a sign of Sleep Apnea, something you definitely do NOT want. If left untreated, apnea can lead to chronic anxiety, depression, blood pressure problems, heart attacks, and even strokes. You may snore and not even be aware that you could have life-threatening sleep apnea.

The CPAP Compliance Problem: Many people simply find it too uncomfortable to use.

Although the CPAP machine is considered the "gold standard" in treating sleep apnea, for it to work effectively, it must be worn continuously through the night. However, many patients remove it during the early morning hours.

Some of the reasons people remove their CPAP are due to:

  • Feelings of claustrophobia when wearing it
  • Irritation of the skin around their nose and mouth
  • The mask feeling loose or uncomfortable when they move onto their side 

Other common complaints Dr. Reifman hears are:

  • “It doesn’t feel good”
  • “It feels loose when I move around in bed”
  • “It's just a pain to wear!”

Once the frazzled CPAP wearer tosses the mask onto the bedroom table in the wee hours of the morning, the positive effects of the CPAP are gone. The cessation of oxygen to the lungs begins again, and one’s sleep apnea re-appears with a vengeance. The rest of the time spent in bed results in a lack of Phase 4 deep sleep.

The final result? You wake up feeling unrested, your blood pressure is higher, and all the other dangerous and unhealthy problems associated with loud snoring and sleep apnea come back.

These are the reasons why wearing the new oral mouth appliance can restore your sleep to a healthy, peaceful one, where your sleep apnea could finally be gone.

Dr. Reifman’s testimonial on this new mouth appliance he personally wears to stop snoring and sleep apnea…

Dr. Edward Reifman, DDS“The Somnodent stopped my snoring immediately and my sleep apnea. It literally changed my life!

A few years ago, when I attended my first weekend seminar on Obstructive Sleep Disorders, I took an overnight sleep study as part of the course. When I received the results the following morning, the computer software showed that I actually had mild-to-moderate sleep apnea.

'YIKES! ' I thought in disbelief. Incredibly surprised was an understatement. After all, I didn’t fit the usual sleep apnea stereotypes since I am not overweight, I don’t smoke, I don’t wake up tired, and I am physically active playing volleyball twice a week, not to mention being a gym nut.

However, I did know that my wife complains of my snoring. What to do? I already knew that the ‘over-the-counter’ snoring remedies didn’t truly work, and, worst of all, they could mask an underlying and deadly sleep apnea that millions of people have and don’t even know about. I definitely didn’t want to wear the bulky CPAP mask at night, and so tried the Somnodent, one of the more popular mouth appliances around – and boy, did it work!

After I received my new mouth appliance from the lab, I wore it that first night. Although it was pretty comfortable, I noticed my saliva increasing during the first hour of sleep every night for about a week, which was about how long it took me to get used to wearing it.

The exciting news was that in less than a week of wearing it, my wife told me my snoring was ALL GONE, and some of the restless movements I had in my legs at night were also gone. I also noticed my case of mild high blood pressure that I’ve had for years had already substantially diminished! AND… no more sleep apnea.

With my success, I feel fortunate in being able to really communicate to others and help them stop their snoring and their apnea. The alternatives of further heart problems, higher blood pressure, and stroke are just too dangerous an option to consider.”

If Dr. Ed Reifman, who’s very active in sports and on the skinny side, was found to have DANGEROUS SLEEP APNEA, he feels that any man or woman who considers themselves immune from apnea should think again!

Dr. Reifman's Encino Sleep Apnea | Snoring Treatment Dental office can be reached at: 818-990-6659.

NOTE: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine currently recommends the use of oral devices for mild-to-moderate sleep apnea or for those people with severe sleep apnea who are either unable to tolerate the CPAP or who refuse treatment with the CPAP.   

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