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Review of Dr. Ed Reifman's Dental Office

Alex tells how she regained total trust in dentistry in Dr. Reifman's office.

Rochelle loves her new Lumineers

Dr. Reifman made beautiful porcelain veneers for Rochelle 8 years ago. Although she's a heavy tea drinker, today her smile looks just as white and gorgeous as ever.

Alan, Dental Implant Patient

Alan bets you can't even tell which tooth is an implant!

Katie previously had Dental Jitters

Katie tells how her dentist Dr. Reifman made her feel comfortable and trusting of dentists, and how her dental care was totally comfortable and painless.

Fred, Sleep Apnea sufferer no more

Instead of wearing a bulky CPAP oxygen mask, Dr. Reifman made a breakthrough nightguard that's so comfortable to wear. This new nightguard has improved his life back home, Fred's snoring's all gone, and thankfully what may have been a serious problem (sleep apnea, or lack of oxygen while sleeping) has been nipped in the bud.

Rob had TMJ Symptoms

Rob had teeth-grinding problems and trouble sleeping. Dr. Reifman recommended the new 'NTI' nightguard. Rob claims this also made him a better dancer, but we should be very clear this side effect is not a typical case and should not be expected.

Paula, Long time patient

Paula doesn't have time to tell you everything Dr. Reifman has done for her, but wants you to know that it is "actually a pleasure" to come visit Dr. Reifman.

Jill Loves Dr. Reifman

Every visit has been a great experience for Jill.

Juan, 6 Month Smiles

Six months later, Juan's Six Month Smile procedure has been a success!

Angela, Pain Free Fillings

Angela loves the brand new sonic-fill procedure, which allowed Dr. Reifman to fill in a cavity completely painlessly!

Seth, Lumineers

A life-changing pasta incident led Seth to consider Lumineers, and he has been really happy with the results. He's gotten lots of compliments ever since!

Two Dental Implants

Six months later, he is "one happy camper." Having his teeth back again certainly gives him something to smile about.

Nicole had 6 Month Braces

Nicole's teeth were straightened in less than six months with invisible adult braces! Nicole is beside herself and seems to love smiling even more.

Shanna, TMJ Symptoms, Treatment, and Jaw Pain Dentist in Encino, CA

Shanna has noticed an immense improvement in the level of jaw pain she was experiencing.

Luis loves his new Lumineers smile!

Luis has a new smile thanks to the incredible, long-lasting porcelain LUMINEERS! He's gotten more confidence at work and calls the procedure a "Life Changer."

Trey, Lumineer Patient

Trey has appreciated the noticeable boost to his self esteem since getting porcelain veneers. He loves his new smile make-over!

David, Patient of 20 years

David is completely confident in Dr. Reifman's work. Today he is getting his teeth whitened and we hope he enjoys his great new smile.

Holistic Dentist | Los Angeles

Last year Annette had a metal crown replaced with all porcelain. Her headaches and pain in her eye are now gone! Annette's long-term goal is complete replacement of all her metal crowns with porcelain.

Rochelle, Dental Implants

Rochelle needed to have a Dental Implant. She's been very happy with the experience from start to finish.

Robin S.

When I go to a doctor’s office, one of the first things I look for is a friendly and efficient front office. When I went into Dr. Reifman’s office, they made me feel comfortable and important, and they were very knowledgeable on present dental procedures. In fact, every time I have an appointment, I feel that attentive feeling, right down from the front desk and dental hygienist to Dr. Reifman himself. Nobody likes to go to the dentist, but if you have to find one, and you like good care, and a positive attitude, this is the office for you. Robin S. – Tarzana, California

One of Dr. Reifman's First Patients

"Back in the 80's, while residing and working in the San Fernando Valley, I was one of Dr. Reifman's first patients. I am still a patient even though I no longer reside or work in the Valley, having moved up North 2-1/2 hours away by car. I wouldn't change or trade this doctor for the world. He's the very best of dentists. Aside from the fact that he is very astute in the dentistry field and has a very pleasant personality, I always appreciate the fact that after an extraction or unusual problem, he finds the time to contact me to determine if everything is progressing as it should. This to me is very important since if there were a problem, he could handle it immediately so as to avoid further complications. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Reifman to anyone."
--Mary M. - Lake Isabella, California

Dear Dr. Ed

"Dear Dr. Ed: Thank you so much again! Boy, what a difference, what a relief! You were right - feeling so much better happened almost immediately. I am doing the salt rinses often to keep this very good trend going. I think my body has been telling me that it has had enough of dental work for now and needs a break. Luckily we have gotten all the important things done for now and I am sooo happy about that. I will take good care of myself and will hopefully feel strong and healthy all around again soon. Rochelle and Charlene are simply wonderful!! It has been a pleasure coming to your office every single time. What a difference it makes to be treated like this! It means so much....! Don't ever let either one of them leave. :-) And last, but most definitely not least: You are the best! Thanks a million for everything!"
-- Maria S.- Palm Springs, CA