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For Emergencies: Call Anytime. Our practice is also wheelchair accessible. Our dental treatment rooms are larger than usual and extremely comfortable.

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Dr. Edward Reifman, DDS

Would you like a free second opinion this month?  We offer the latest in long-lasting dental implants, a comprehensive 'stop snoring' examination that discusses newer ways to combat snoring and sleep apnea, without having to use the CPAP Oxygen mask.  Dr. Reifman also uses the latest 'high tech' to stop TMJ, teeth clenching and grinding.  The office can also talk to you about the very safe way mercury fillings are removed in a holistic fashion.

Dr. Reifman is also well-known for his cosmetic smile make-overs with the new porcelain lumineers.  He also does inlays and onlays, which are less expensive, and less tooth structure is removed than on regular crowns.

Do you need a thorough cleaning or extremely safe DIGITAL x-rays?  Are you in need of children's dental care?

If so, Dr. Reifman's dental office can be reached at 818.990.6659.